William Ames for Lebanon County Commissioner


Open Letter to Residents of Lebanon County


   With the November 6 General Election behind us, I am starting a conversation with members of the Lebanon County Republican Community about my re - election.

    The year 2019 will be very important for Republicans in the county. We will elect several Row Officers: Treasurer, Recorder of Deeds, Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts, Controller and Coroner. It is also the year for County Commissioners.

    Among those deserving your support are incumbents who have served with honesty, competence, integrity and distinction. I hope you count me among those.

    As a County Commissioner completing a second four-year term, I am proud of my record and I look forward to building on it for the good of the county. My partnership with Commissioner Bob Phillips saved Lebanon County from fiscal decline and helped to ensure a future of stability and prosperity.

Our  accomplishments

  • Decreased waste and improved services by outsourcing many functions previously done by county employees. These included janitorial and printing services and case management in several departments. Group homes were replaced with private-sector providers.
  • Placed the county in its best financial position in nearly two decades through the use of $25.5 million in proceeds from the sale of Cedar Haven. The sale produced a $5 million annual savings, placed the facility on the tax rolls and resulted in a five-star rating never achieved under county ownership.
  • Balanced the budget, bringing the pension system to an acceptable funding level and establishing a fund balance of $7.5 million as well as a capital projects fund.
  • Achieved an “A” bond rating from Standard and Poor’s.
  • Created a vibrant “Visit Lebanon Valley” initiative by establishing and funding an independent board of citizens and community leaders to manage tourism activities. As a result, we have been able to support the Lebanon Valley Expo Center to an unprecedented degree. Thirty percent of hotel tax receipts go directly to the Expo Center, and a county commissioner serves on the Expo Board. We have funded many maintenance projects, most of which had been deferred. We also bought a beautiful new sign and made available a large generator for use in emergencies and for use during Fair Week.
  • Established, in cooperation with the Courts and Probation Department, a Day Reporting Center to work with non-violent offenders to lower prison census and to offer a wide array of counseling and life-improvement strategies to break the cycle of recidivism.

All of these — and more not listed here — were based on true conservative principles of the GOP here in Lebanon County, in Pennsylvania and across the nation. These are sound decisions based on a Reaganesque philosophy.

Our future

   For 2019, we have completed work on a $46 million budget that is balanced, includes $3 million in capital expenditures and protects county reserves.

   We also have funded a plan designed by Sheriff Bruce Klingler to enhance security at the Municipal Building and the district justice offices.

   In the near future, the county will undertake important projects such as the construction of a new 911 Emergency Response Center — an initiative that will require the kind of management experience and judgement that I employed in my first two terms.

   Please consider this my formal request for your support for of my nomination for county commissioner, and ultimately my re - election. I would be honored by your support.

   I look forward to serving a community we all love.


Bill Ames

(717) 554–2163

Email: BillAmesforCommissioner@gmail.com

Web: www.BillAmesforCountyCommissioner.com , www.Facebook.com/William.Ames.31542