William Ames for Lebanon County Commissioner



Quotes I'm proud to endorse Bill Ames and Bob Phillips for Lebanon County Commissioners. Bill and Bob will use their years of private sector experience, as well as experience in local government, to work for the taxpayers of Lebanon County, helping to keep taxes low and with a focus on economic development. I hope you will join me in supporting Bill Ames and Bob Phillips. Quotes
Pat Toomey
U.S. Senator

Quotes Lebanon County needs is jobs. That is why I am supporting Bill Ames for Lebanon County Commissioner. He will stand up for the working man. Bill has spent his entire life working, including more than 30 years as a vocational teacher preparing the next generation of working families. Bill knows how jobs are created and sustained. He and wife Josie started Ames Services years ago and have created 80 family sustaining jobs that include health care benefits and retirement. When Bill talks about creating businesses and jobs, it isn't just talk--he has done it. It is because of his experience that I believe Bill Ames is the right choice for working class families in Lebanon County. Vote for Bill on May 17. Quotes
Sandra Paveglio

Quotes Bill Ames has been an inspiration for me to do the very best in all that I do. With this idealism in mind I have become a stronger and more confident member of society. I am truly grateful to call Bill Ames my friend. Quotes
James Hurst

Quotes H. Lee Moyer supports Bill Ames for Lebanon County Commissioner. Bill and I met as students at Hershey High School and since then I have observed Bill using his teaching and leadership skills to help students and employees and by doing so build a successful business career, He trained vocational education students that prepared them for "real" jobs. Bill has developed administrative experience in education, as a business owner and as a South Londonderry Township Supervisor. Ames Services is a cleaning and property management company that employees 80 community people. Along with his wife, Josie, they have created additional jobs in western Lebanon County. I trust Bill Ames to be a serious steward of Lebanon County tax dollars. He will do everything possible to reduce spending and taxes. I urge you to vote for Bill Ames for Lebanon County Commissioner on May 17th. Quotes
H. Lee Moyer (Chairperson)
Member of Lebanon County Republican Committee

Quotes I have known Bill Ames for one year, probably longer than most people who will vote for him. The endorsement I would give him is that you can trust him... he is a man of his word! Quotes
Dominick DeSantis

Quotes As a Township Supervisor, Bill Ames has brought a business approach to the Township and through his contacts within the business community has changed how the Township conducts itself to the benefit of the Taxpayers of South Londonderry Township. The only tax increase that Bill approved during his term as Supervisors was the 2 mill tax increase in 2008. This increase was based on information from the Lebanon Earned Income Tax Bureau that we could expect to see a 20% reduction in Earned Income Taxes in 2008 as they dealt with the embezzlement scandal and the reallocation of earned income taxes . Quotes
Thomas Ernharth
South Londonderry Township Manager

Quotes We have been pleased to have Bill's "no frills" approach to township government! He has been receptive to new ideas and willing to change his mind as new facts become available while still being true to his conservative values. He is driven to prevent unnecessarily spending taxpayer's money and has brought a private business supporting perspective to township operations. Quotes
Phil Rothermel,
Chairman, SLT Board of Supervisors